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Towards Remote Health Monitoring

Mission Statement

The creation of intelligent algorithms combined with existing and novel wearable biosensors offer an unprecedented opportunity to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of individuals and support the management of their condition remotely i.e. outside of the traditional clinical setting.

The “Portable Biomedicine Innovation Laboratory” provides education, a working environment and financial support to research projects that are intended to improve the management of individuals' conditions using portable systems.

Research Projects



PhysioZoo is a collaborative platform dedicated to the study of the heart rate variability in humans i.e. the quantification and characterization of the heart beat-to-beat interval variation.


Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) Prediction

A novel deep learning algorithm and smartphone application for the prediction of incoming VF events. The application can be used to predict forthcoming VF events to enable the prevention of the adverse cardiac event.


Smart Wheel

We created a smart wheel that allows measuring the electrocardiogram and heart rate of the driver. This physiological information may be used to detect the driver drowsiness and alert the driver to avoid accidents.

Fetal ECG

Remote Fetal Monitoring

We create a portable sensing system that enables the measurement of the fetal heart activity remotely. This innovative system aims to prevent pregnant women at risk to have to visit the clinic on a daily basis through the novel remote monitor.


The Portable Biomedicine Innovation Laboratory mission is to educate students about the ecosystem of mobile health technologies (mHealth) from a technological perspective (hardware, communication and biosignals analysis) and system design for their implementation in diverse environments. This is carried out through undergraduate supervised Advanced Laboratory and an Elective Taught Laboratory.

Advanced Laboratory

  • "Detection of Genetic Disorder Mechanisms in the Sinoatrial Node via ECG and Advanced Signal Processing"
  • "Development of an Accessible Recording System for Analyzing Heart Signals"
  • "Smartwatch in sleep monitoring"

Elective Taught Laboratory

“Mobile health technology for physiological signals”

There is a high interest in developing low-cost, largely available and accurate mobile medical devices and biosignal processing software that can be used for the purpose of remote patient monitoring. The scope of this lab is to get familiar with the world of mobile health technologies (mHealth), heart rate variability analysis (biosignal processing and cardiac physiology) and the design of such technology for the developed and the developing world.


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Dissemination of the scientific research performed within the portable lab is key. The following research was published to date:


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We kindly acknowledge the generous and continuous support of our benefactors Steve and Ilene Berger who are making this educative and research initiative possible.